So as I sit today and listen though the commercial breaks (stop sets) on various Radio stations, I am once again reminded just how many terrible commercials there are on the air.

To be fair, a lot of people in Radio and Advertising are overworked and underpaid; they do their best with the resources available, but it’s not a combination that inspires a lot of commercial masterpieces.

But I mean terrible in that a lot of commercials I hear don’t stand a chance of delivering the results their clients are surely hoping for. They don’t do a good enough job of earning my valuable attention, so the clients’ message is lost in the noise.

(Quickly: I said earn my attention, not get my attention, so no shouting or violent bursts of sound meant to scare me into full attention. My life gets noisy enough without you adding to it, thank you.)

So as you contemplate how to write your next piece of Radio Commercial Copy maybe try and keep this in mind:

People connect with the world around them through stories.

We connect with other people on a regular basis because we can relate, or are interested in their ‘story’. Maybe we come from similar backgrounds, or have similar interests. Maybe our personal story intersects with another persons’ professionally, or through our personal needs, wants, and desires.

Everyday our individual story is unfolding, filled with personal highs & lows, adventures, disasters, and accomplishments. And guess what, we’re all drawn to great stories and we all love to share great stories.

It’s why there are cave paintings depicting the hunt, and blockbuster movies made about the underdogs beating the odds.

So what is the great story that you can tell about your Brand or Business?

It better not be that you’ve been in business for 50 years… or that your family owned… or that customer service is the cornerstone of your operation.

A lot of business folks tell this tale; it’s not interesting or unique. If a story isn’t interesting or unique it doesn’t win my attention.

So what else is there?

Open yourself up to discovering the unique story of your Brand and share it with us.

  • What obstacles has your team overcome lately?
  • What inspires you everyday to keep your doors open besides the money?
  • What was the impossible problem that you solved for a customer?
  • What’s the most recent product/service breakthrough that’s got you fired up?
  • How is your business like a Purple Cow?

These are the types of questions that lead to great copy points, and they’re the building blocks of great marketing messages.

So tell me a story because I love a great story; I’m drawn to them, and I’ll listen.

If you tell a great story, the audience will listen too… and that puts you ahead of the pack.