Quite often I find myself with clients who are actively engaged in some kind of online advertising on behalf of their business. For some, it’s nothing more than a few purchased Google AdWords, or maybe a Banner Ad or two. For others it’s a strong, calculated online presence over a variety of platforms.

I love it all, and I can appreciate efforts on both ends of the spectrum. However, what worries me most is the misconception held by some, that Radio somehow doesn’t fit, and is detached from this online space.

Nothing could be further from the truth; if you’re already advertising online (or considering it), here’s why Radio might be your new best friend:

  • As I’ve discussed, Radio has a unique, compelling, and trusted relationship with an audience. Not all online platforms boast such a relationship, (What’s your relationship with Google?)
  • In the online space that relationship can halo around the listener, the Radio Station, and your brand very easily, with lots of room for creativity, (i.e. Images, Video, Coupons, Links).

For example; if you currently buy/want Banner Ad or Display Advertising, consider the real estate available to you on your LOCAL Radio stations’ website, where there’s a high amount of LOCAL traffic (eyeballs) exploring loads of LOCAL content and entertainment. Being featured in this space gives your advertisement context, since it is “surrounded” by a trusted Radio Station brand the same way an on-air commercial spot is.

But this is tip of the iceberg stuff; a big reason Radio Advertising and Online Business work so well together, is because Radio has the ability to create DEMAND.

  • Radio is the big, loud “Megaphone” that can create demand for that online search, or that web address. And frankly, the Google’s and the Facebook’s of the world would kill for that Megaphone!

So here’s a scenario: You have a web site for your business. Driving traffic to your web site is a big priority because you collect client information, and sell a product/service through your site.

You use Radio’s big “Megaphone” (and good Radio commercial copy) to not only spread the word about your business, but to create DEMAND and drive traffic to your web site.

And guess what; since we’re talking about action taking place online, you can monitor traffic increases to your web site. You can see how increases in your web site traffic coincide with your Radio schedule. You can increase the interaction between your business, and the RIGHT kind of people who will use your product or service.

So now you’ve effectively used Radio to reach the masses, and by creating DEMAND for your online site(s), you’ve also filtered the masses to reach the right kind of potential customers.

So if you have any kind of online presence at all, whether it’s a web site, or a Facebook page, or if you’re the CEO of Google… what kind of “Megaphone” is creating DEMAND for you?