As many of us gear up for what will hopefully be a fun filled holiday weekend, I wanted to introduce this ‘Part 1’ of “What’s so great about Radio anyway?”. I’m also aware that writing this the Friday before the weekend guarantees that NO ONE will read this until maybe Tuesday morning. I can accept that.

Either way; in the coming week(s) I will be taking a little time with these posts to discuss a few of the traits that make Radio so special and unique. It’s important to mention I think, that this is not a ‘pitch’ to convince you that Radio is the greatest. Make no mistake; every type of media has its strengths and limitations. But rather, I’d like to introduce you to some of the fundamental aspects of Radio, in hopes that you can gain a greater understanding of what it is and how to use it.

That said; Radio is EMOTIONAL. Radio, by design, creates and nurtures an emotional connection with an audience. There are several reasons this emotional connection exists. For one, Radio is sound, and sound stirs emotion and reaction (insert - baby crying, slot machine ringing, your favorite song), but instead of listing them all, I’ll leave you an example.

If by chance over this holiday weekend you find yourself around friends, family and lots of food and drink; listen to hear if someone has a Radio on too. Even if it’s an iPod shuffling, or CD’s playing, pay attention to the mood you’re in, in that moment. Radio has the ability to create emotion. To be a part of the way we experience life. The right soundtrack to the right occasion has an impact, and can make all the difference.

This is important because that ‘halo’ of emotion can extend to include the products or brands involved with the Radio Station. This is important because as consumers, we generally make buying decisions… emotionally.

How are you making your potential customers FEEL?

Cheers, and Happy 4th of July! (Unless it’s Tuesday morning, in which case I hope you HAD a great 4th)