We’ll get right to it with more of the unique traits of Radio; today I’m talking about Trust. As most of us might agree, Trust is an absolutely essential component in any relationship.

Trust is also a much sought after and invaluable aspect of all advertising and marketing.

  • We tend to listen to people we trust
  • We tend to spend money with brands we trust

 As I’ve mentioned here before, Radio, by design, has a uniquely compelling relationship with its audience. Not all types of media create such a relationship, (what’s your relationship with that big billboard on Rt. 40?).

A big part of that compelling relationship is Trust.

Radio creates a powerful bond of Trust between itself and the audience it serves.

Here a few reasons this bond exists:

  • Radio is populated by real people who are accessible on-air, and live in person
  • Radio is committed and connected to the local community
  • Radio can be delivered quickly and in real time
  • Radio stirs our emotions and imagination with sound
  • Radio is easy to access and free

I could go on but consider this as a final point; Radio is the first place people turn to in an emergency.

Now I have no desire to wish up an emergency as an example, but what does that tell you? When the computer is down, the TV is out, and yesterday’s paper is nowhere to be found… people can still find Radio, and they turn to Radio first.

Radio is a trusted friend to many, many people. This same trusted friend is a ‘Champion’ for many, many brands and businesses.

  • We tend to listen to people we trust
  • We tend to spend money with brands we trust

Do you have a trusted ‘Champion’ for your brand or business?